Betr Health uses food as medicine to help you reach your weight and health goals without dieting. It’s included at no cost for eligible members.


1. Sign up for Wellvolution

1. Sign up for Wellvolution

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2. See if you qualify

2. See if you qualify

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3. Get registered

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Betr Health

Effortless weight loss with endless health benefits begins in the gut. Stress and diet-induced inflammation are the root causes of our struggle with healthy living, making it next to impossible to lose weight. This chronic state of internal stress is what is causing your hunger, cravings, high blood sugar, blood pressure, anxiety, and frustrations to soar. The outdated approach of diets, counting points, shakes, and knee-buckling workouts are only making things worse, leaving many to blame their lack of results on themselves, their age, genetics, or lack of willpower. It’s just not true. This is not your fault. You and your family deserve Betr. We will help you replenish and heal from the inside out using a gut-healthy food protocol catered to your unique tastes. Through a few calls and daily app messages, your personal dedicated coach will make it easy for you to get started and nearly impossible to fall off. Every day your body gets stronger and cravings vanish, while your energy and confidence soar. Within 24 hours, the weight starts to drop off while you improve all other aspects of your health, such as reducing A1c, blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, pain, and much more.


When you participate for 4 weeks we'll send you a Fitbit® activity tracker*

- all at no cost if you qualify.


*For participants who complete four weeks of activity meeting program guidelines. Applies to select Fitbit models; limited to one per person. Solera Health reserves the right to substitute an alternate activity tracker.