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Digbi Health is a program designed for members at risk of certain health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Not all members will qualify.
Digbi Health

Digbi Health

Key Benefits:
  • DNA and Gut Biome tests
  • Live and Text-based Coaching
  • Digital Scale
  • Apple, Google Health and FitBit connected app

Digbi Health offers a weight management program based on your DNA, gut biome, lifestyle, proven to reduce weight and reverse associated inflammatory chronic illness like IBS, Acid Reflux, hypertension, pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, joint pain, sleep, and anxiety. The program works by analyzing your genes, gut bacteria, food, sleep, exercise, stress, and craving patterns to create an easy to follow, personalized meal and fitness program that promotes fat burn, reduces cravings, improves blood sugar management, and boosts energy and immunity levels. Digbi Health's program includes trained coaches and a smart app to guide you in your health journey. With Digbi's program, we'll send you DNA and gut biome at-home test kits. You then get personalized food recommendations and the following reports: gut health, prebiotic, fitness, vitamin metabolism, and food sensitivity. Then over three phases (Baseline, Transform, and Thrive), you'll receive personalized phone and text-based coaching.