Whether you need to sleep better or manage the stress of life's challenges, we have mental health care available - at no additional cost to eligible members.


Easy access to care - no matter where you are, when you need it, or what you're going through. You can even switch programs if your needs change.


Meditation and sleep made simple.

As the world's most science-backed meditation app, Headspace is helping people around the world reduce stress, increase resilience, and get a better night's rest. With Headspace, you can learn to meditate in just a few minutes a day and join 70 million members using meditation to improve mental well-being.

  • Just 10 days of Headspace can reduce stress by 14%

  • Guided meditations on topics like stress, self-esteem, and resilience

  • Sleepcasts, music, and bedtime audio for restful nights

  • 1,000+ hours of exercises to help you live your whole day mindfully


On demand mental health support day or night.

Easy access to care - no matter where you are, when you need it, or what you're going through. Headspace Care offers on-demand, confidential mental healthcare through coaching and self-guided activities. Need to chat on the weekend? or at 3am on a holiday? Headspace Care is available for in-the-moment support and goes where your smartphone goes.

  • 70% of members see an improvement within 12-16 weeks

  • Real-time behavioral health coaching within seconds

  • In-app content including mental health tips and resources

  • Hundreds of skill-building resources from the Self-Care library

  • Video therapy & psychiatry sessions available

    (Available for a co-pay as stated in your health plan coverage. Please contact Blue Shield of California for details.)



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